As a Community Health graduate from Montana State University, I am blessed to be busy in the community in Bozeman. I teach natural and realistic childbirth education both privately and group. I am a Certified Lactation Counselor, as well.

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Letter of Agreement

My fees for service vary depending on what you'd like provided to you! $550 - $750 are my usual ranges. Half is due at our first prenatal visit when you decide that you are hiring me as your doula. The second half is due at our second prenatal visit. We will usually cover some or a lot of birth preparation info by this point, to make sure you feel as prepared as possible.
My current community involvement includes Montana Childbirth Collective, Gallatin Breastfeeding Coalition, MSU Community Health Club, and Mother's Milk Bank of Montana.
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My Childbirth Education is offered in my office at Fox Hollow in Bozeman both group and private. Experience has led me to believe that women and families need guidance in equipping themselves for their birth experience. My classes offer a huge array of tools that you will then build on, depending on what you feel is best for your experience. You will need lots of tools in your tool box to draw from in labor. These classes are a great start to empowering you for your birth.Contact me for more information!

Classes are

January, April, July and October. First 4 Wednesdays of each month.

5:30-7:30 PM. $150 per couple for 4 week group class. $75 per private class. 

Private classes offered to fit your busy schedule as well!

Childbirth classes cover topics such as Pregnancy Expectation, Nutritional Needs, Fitness Topics, Your Birth Team, Relaxation Practices, Birthing Without Fear, Labor Positions, Stages of Labor, Physiology of Labor, Comfort Measures, Postpartum, Breastfeeding, Caring for Baby, You and Your Partner, Early Parenthood, and

Postpartum Expectations

Lastly, a new family is invited in to share their experience with you, giving some weight to parenthood! If a new family cannot speak, I will usually have a guest speaker share a presentation. Its a great opportunity to ask that growing list of questions about parenthood. The classes have limited space, so please register early!

Services may include:

-2 prenatal visits. I will also be available by phone, text or email to you and your partner.

-Childbirth Preparation. Positions, visualizations, natural and realistic childbirth preparation.

-Continual physical, emotional, informational support, and comfort measures through labor and delivery

-Breastfeeding initiation and immediate postpartum support. I will stay until you and your new family are comfortable and confident. I will visit 1 time in the 24-48 hours following birth and make sure that breastfeeding is initiated and you are feeling confident with your new family

-Postpartum support can be discussed when we meet to interview. New motherhood is a time of many questions. I will continue to be available to support you and your partner via phone or messaging. Questions are often about new baby, breastfeeding, help with dishes or laundry, relaxation and visualization, and essential oil massage. I can't help if you don't ask :)

Postpartum is unique for every woman. We will make sure that you are settling and transitioning well. I will be available to you for as long as you need and farther. If questions arise weeks and months down the road, I am here for you to reach out to. No one never should be left lonely in motherhood. If questions are beyond my scope, we will connect you with the resources you need.